Classes / Paladin of Olea


Olea, god of Order, is vehement against any type of magic. He sees this kind of conjuring as a chaotic and unpredictable force that goes in the opposite way of anything he considers sacred.

The Paladins of Olea are mage hunters. They were trained since a young age and in this training they were exposed to a huge pool of magic effects, over and over again. Not every of them survived, but those who did came out specialized in this type of anti-magic combat. The most skilled can prevent enemies from using mystic enhancements or from casting curses all around.

If you find a mage that plans to use his spells to fight a Paladin of Olea, the the opportunity to say goodbye. The chances are you are not seeing him again.


Witch Hunt (Active)
Physical attack that may steal a buff from the target.
Cleanse (Active)
Heals the target's HP based on the unit's current HP and remove all the target's debuffs.
Magic Barrier (Passive)
Increases the unit's resistance.