The game is still in development, and that's why we call the current stage "Alpha". As soon new features are created, a new version is made available to players can test to see how they work, find/report bugs, or simply let us know if they liked it or not.

What can we do now?

  • Create an account (different from this website account)
  • Move around the maps (using WASD keys)
  • Manage unit's gear and cards (shortcut U)
  • Fight against monsters (just walk to them)
  • Gain experience points and level up
  • Talk to NPCs on the city (shortcut E)
  • Use potions to heal wonded units (shortcut I)
  • Fight other players (just right click them and duel)
  • Gather herbs on the forest map (shortcut E)
  • Complete alpha tasks (shortcut T)
  • Exchange your alpha coins for cosmetics!

The alpha does not have a "goal" for players. There are no quests, bosses, nor lore. What we need to do is implement all the needed features, so that's why is so important to have players willing to test the game. But that doesn't mean you have to do it without getting nothing in return....


Starting on the v0.11.1, players can now acquire Alpha coins by completing Alpha tasks (shortcut T). Those coins persist through the development stages and you'll keep then even after the game is launched. And since v0.13 you can now use them to buy cosmetic stuff on the game shop!

Those tasks usually involve testing new game features, so new tasks are added each patch (or even between them). Tasks can also be removed from the list as time passes, so it's interesting that you complete them as soon as possible!


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04 Jan
  • Ensuring 10-cards deck
  • Reduzing positioning impact
  • Improving username display
  • Implementing battle playback
  • Adjusting mouse position vs zoom
  • Fixing gear bug with material drops
  • Fixing battle result not translated
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24 Dec
  • New class skills
  • Cosmetic shop
  • Text description for card effects
  • Unit limit in battle
  • Rebalancing skills
  • Rebalancing monsters
  • New drops for seagulls and ents
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19 Nov
  • Aggro mechanic
  • Critical attacks
  • New Settings Panel
  • UI settings
  • Control settings
  • Battle zoom
  • UI responsiveness
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05 Nov
  • New map: Azula's Port
  • Monster drops
  • Merchant NPCs
  • Turn facing
  • Gear for the chest slot
  • Armor, Dodge and Resist attributes
  • Alpha Tasks/Tokens
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16 Oct
  • Inventary panel
  • Resource: Gold coins
  • Turn facing
  • Persistent HP/AP/MP
  • Consumable items: Potions
  • New map: Swamp
  • New monster: Ent
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24 Aug
  • Unit's panel
  • Swapping gear in and out
  • Deck management
  • New monster: Seagull
  • Fixed some colliders (those pink tiles) appearing in battle after casting skills
  • Fixed strings being "stuck" on the turn's selected card
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09 Aug
  • Player vs player battle
  • Client fully localized (except server messages)
  • Lowering the time before the experience bars actually fill on the victory screen
  • Fixed a misplaced tile (too high) on the beach map
  • The defeat screen should now correctly wait for the last action to be executed
  • The defeat screen should now show your units instead of the winner's units
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25 Jul
  • Game launcher
  • Reducing project's build size
  • Button to add messages into the battlelog
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15 Jul
  • Map revamp: Beach
  • Monsters now wander around the map
  • First discard of each turn will not cost any CT
  • Improving water tiles/borders
  • Units now lose all status effects when they die
  • Updating cards to use range icon variations
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11 Jul
  • Battles will now reward experience points
  • All the units are now available on the account
  • Level up and to improve your attributes
  • Displaying floating hp bar when units take damage in battle
  • Changing skills to make them use the new attributes
  • Displaying unit's attributes in the battle selection panel
  • Displaying de/buffs in battle
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13 Jun
  • Units can now discard cards in battle
  • Passing phase should now hide all UI elements
  • Players should now NOT be able to input really long strings or emotes
  • Each unit should now have at least one skill spell fully implemented
  • Battles will now generate a battle log that can be (re)viewed on our website
  • The "in-water" shader is now being applied to attack animations too
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24 May
  • Battle core is now implemented
  • Move to a monster on the map to start a battle
  • Use your movement and attack cards to finish them off!
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09 May
  • Create a game account with our character builder
  • Walk around the map using WASD keys
  • Right click players to invite they for a group
  • Leave a group right-clicking yourself on the party list
  • Kick a member right-clicking they on the party list
  • Talk on the chat (map, global or party)
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