The game is still in development, and that's why we call the current stage "Alpha". As soon new features are created, a new version is made available to players can test to see how they work, find/report bugs, or simply let us know if they liked it or not.

What can we do now?

  • Create an account (different from this website account)
  • Move around the maps (using WASD keys)
  • Manage unit's gear and cards (shortcut U)
  • Fight against monsters (just walk to them)
  • Gain experience points and level up
  • Talk to NPCs on the city (shortcut E)
  • Take on quests and watch their progress (shortcut Q)
  • Use potions to heal wonded units (shortcut I)
  • Buy different gear and meals from NPCs
  • Fight other players (just right click them and duel)
  • Gather herbs on the forest map (shortcut E)
  • Complete alpha tasks (shortcut T)
  • Exchange your alpha coins for cosmetics!
  • Sleep at the inn!
  • Defeat other players and climb the Arena ranks!

The alpha does not have a "goal" for players. There are a few quests, a bit of lore, but that's it for now. What we need to do is implement all the needed features, so that's why is so important to have players willing to test the game. But that doesn't mean you have to do it without getting nothing in return....


Starting on the v0.11.1, players can now acquire Alpha coins by completing Alpha tasks (shortcut T). Those coins persist through the development stages and you'll keep then even after the game is launched. And since v0.13 you can now use them to buy cosmetic stuff on the game shop!

Those tasks usually involve testing new game features, so new tasks are added each patch (or even between them). Tasks can also be removed from the list as time passes, so it's interesting that you complete them as soon as possible!



Problems with the launcher?
You can also download the game installer [clicking here].

After extracting the files, you'll need to make sure the files are executable.
  • chmod +x FioTactics
  • chmod +x
Then you can simply execute the main file (FioTactics)!


21 Apr
  • Fixing but that would show a weird email address on the login form.
  • This will probably reset your tutorials, sorry!
17 Apr
  • Adding shortcuts to select npc options (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Adding tooltip descriptions to card icons
  • Adding tooltips to the 'pass turn' button in battle
  • Adding visual keyboard shortcuts to battle cards
  • Adding a shortcut for PVP window (J)
  • Directionals can now be used alongside WASD
  • Adding a 'back' button to cancel a card selection in battle
  • Fixing overall z-index bugs on the world and battle maps
28 Mar
  • Player config is now being stored using a basic file instead of unity's register thinh.
  • Fixing the units sprites not being displayed correctly on the units panel.
  • Fixing meta cards not being able to target 'uncastable' cards.
23 Mar
  • Class skills now have ranks!
  • Units now have talents!
  • Unit's UI was revamped - I hope you like it!
  • Summon cards now have a sidebar with the summon's stats.
  • Battle timers will be ignored while players are in the tutorial.
  • Improved gear-changing item list to make it easier to pick something.
  • Reworked all cards to use a bit of weapon power and a lot of stats.
  • Staves and books now scale with intelligence OR spirit, whatever is higher.
  • Added shield as starting gear to guardians and paladins since they have skills that scales with it.
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27 Nov
  • Battles are a bit faster now!
  • A lot of ranged spells had their range increased.
  • Gathering now have a cute animation to show what's happening.
  • Some alpha tasks can no longer by completed and got marked as [Legacy].
  • [Free Action] will no longer target cards without CT cost.
  • Spear attacks will now correctly warn you if you're about to hit an ally.
23 Nov
  • Herbs and ores map props have been visually updated!
  • Skeleton's [Sinister Aura] nerfed (3 turns -> 1 turn).
  • Fixing range calculation of projectile skills.
  • Effects that alter damage done should no longer affect non-damage skills.
  • Fixing bug that made all stacks of an item be (visually) removed when one unit was removed.
  • Fixing but that would allow players to try (and fail) to use a card right after discarding it.
17 Nov
  • All desert monsters can now drop gear!
  • Adding rules to character names to avoid symbols and stuff.
  • Improve email validation to allow more domains.
  • Fixing UI scrolls reacting to W/S keypresses.
  • Fixing card tooltip now showing on battle drops.
  • Fixing (again) cards tooltips being stuck in combat.
  • Fixing messed ESC press on window navigation when modals are involved.
  • IA will no longer try (and fail) to summon a second unit.
  • Invetory context-menu discard option show now work as expected.
  • Fixing inventory context menu not being removed on panel close.
  • Fixing Allice dialog script (Port of Azula).
  • Fixing description on kill-goblin alpha task.
13 Nov
  • PVP Arena (ranked) added!
  • New art images for gear cards!
  • Deaths by the Paladin's hitback should correctly count as a kill on quests/tasks.
  • Fixing bug that would make panels messed when opening multiple ones.
  • Fixing some duplicated chat events.
  • Fixing profession level up chat message using old level instead of new one.
  • Fixing chat being displayed over settings menu.
  • Questlog scroll should now working properly.
  • Chat channels should now be translated correctly.
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28 Oct
  • Increasing chat scroll sensitivity.
  • Fixing bug that would allow players to go negative on their alpha coins.
  • Hiding alpha tasks that should not yet be visible.
25 Oct
  • Keyboard controls should now work as expected after the NPC talk tutorial.
  • Players should now be able to sell stacked gear items.
  • Fixing item tooltip on chat stuck when talking to NPCs.
  • Azula's merchant is once again selling offhand gears.
24 Oct
  • World map panel should now scale properly on different resolutions
20 Oct
  • World map added! (shortcut: M)
  • New events available on chat (see Settings/Social).
  • Druid of Sipeex (god of nature) added!
  • When equipping a consumable item, its card will automatically be added to the unit's deck.
  • Chat channels will now display the amount of online players in it.
  • Adding the alert reason on the card cast confirmation window.
  • Using healing items on fully healed units on the inventory will no longer consume the items.
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23 Sep
  • Fixing register panel not translating when upgrading account.
  • Fixing player names not visible ingame.
  • Fixing alphaTasks button not being enabled correctly.
  • Fixing battle card tutorial happening on the wrong turn.
  • Improving tutorial responsiveness on different resolutions.
19 Sep
  • Adding a tutorial to almost everything!
  • Changing login flow to user email instead of username.
  • New cosmetic: Knight's Set!
  • New cosmetic: Colored capes!
  • Gear will now stack on the inventory.
  • Empty categories no longer appear on the inventory.
  • Fixing positioning of dropped card tooltip.
  • Fixing drop-related bug on bear/ent fights.
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25 Aug
  • Implementing "hotfix" concept.
25 Aug
  • Fixing client without some local tables.
25 Aug
  • New profession: Woodcutting!
  • New profession: Woodcarving!
  • New profession: Mining!
  • New profession: Weaponsmithing!
  • New rankings on the website!
  • The skeleton monster now has a skill!
  • Padronizing loot amount and prices value.
  • Padronize recipes total material cost.
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17 Aug
  • Fixing the intro 'controls' panel not being closable.
  • 'Energy Shield' is now up to 100% hit chance as expected.
  • Fixing shield buff messing up with battle turns.
  • Fixing ress potions not stacking on inventory.
  • Fixing 'Provoke' triggering wrong warnings.
16 Aug
  • A new skill for every playable class!
  • Units are now capped at max level 9.
  • Fixing some gears showing 'not found' when unequipping them.
  • Fixing monster cards being removed from decks when unequipping any gear from units.
  • Fixing 'Thrust' effect pushing units into props.
  • Fixing half-cost card not showing selection panel.
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13 Aug
  • HP/AP/MP balancing. Gear and recovering card/potions should matter more now.
  • Fixing minimum range bug when attacking with a bow.
  • Fixing unit details like hp/ap/mp not updating in some elements.
  • Fixing weird visual bug when a unit was on water tiles.
13 Aug
  • Crafting material boxes now show up to 999 quantity.
  • Fixing clicking-to-move bug when gathering.
  • Fixing unit details not translating.
  • Fixing weirld cards being visible when monsters attack.
  • Fixing broken image buttons.
  • Fixing 'pick one' missing translation.
  • Fixing some quest details not opening.
  • Fixing alpha tasks with wrong values on client.
  • Fixing discard button positioning.
11 Aug
  • Nossas primeiras profissões: Herbalismo e Alquimia!
  • Adicionando novas ervas pra colher em todos os mapas.
  • Adicionando novas poções que só podem ser adquiridas através de Alquimia.
  • Melhorando a detecção de cliques com botão direito em jogadores.
  • Ao trocar de unidades, o painel de classe/grimório permanece o mesmo.
  • Cartas Pára-Coração e Cauda Venenosa agora tem uma imagem de arte customizada.
  • As tarefas do alpha de cartas elementais agora requerem apenas uma carta.
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04 Aug
  • Improving turn logic to wait for casts to finish before passing.
  • Hiding some weirld frames being 'visible' when leaving a battle.
  • Improving new battle HUD alignment on different resolutions.
  • Fixing discard button wrongly appearing on cast card phase.
  • Fixing range error when casting skills with zero range.
26 Jul
  • Improving the battle's HUD (including turn order!).
  • Implementing secondary tooltip for cards (to show their formulas).
  • Changing how camera movement works in battle.
  • Changing range calculation on attacks to use direct range (and apply line-of-sight if needed).
  • Grouping alpha tasks by their patch.
  • Increasing crit chance (just a little) when attacking from behind.
  • Burn and bleeds should now stack properly.
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05 Jul
  • Improved battle logic to avoid having units 'alive' with zero HP.
  • Changing battle result layout to avoid having line break on stats increase.
  • Fixing named mobs not showing their custom names on their tooltip/battle.
  • Fixing a logic problem when sorting units by Level/XP.
04 Jul
  • Monster Cards! Monsters now can drop their skills as cards!
  • Grimoire! You can now add monster cards to your unit decks!
  • New alpha tasks (30 alpha coins)!
  • Added sorting buttons on player unit's list.
  • Added arrows on the unit details' panel so players can navigate between units easier.
  • Cards on the unit details' panel stack now, making it easier to see what's going on.
  • You can now right-click cards on the unit's skill list to remove them from its deck.
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26 Jun
  • Storing static data to improve game speed.
  • New nogs in the gamelog to help when finding problems.
  • Click-to-move nerfed to very long destinations.
  • Fixed the maximum amount of Desert Venom in inventory.
  • Displayed value of DOTs (flames, poison, etc) corrected.
  • Added level 9 experience scrolls.
20 Jun
  • Added option to upload client battelog alongside commentary on battles.
  • Despawned player units no longer receive experience after battle.
  • Punch/Magick cards now have their images.
  • Fixed bug that made players get drops with zero quantity.
  • Fixed bug that made 'outside' units appear in battle when hovering certain tiles.
  • Fixed logic that made monsters sometimes do not act the whole fight.
  • Fixed bug that made the cursor point to the wrong tile if the game window width was too different from the 'expected'.
  • Fixed bug that made recently won quest reward gears visually unequip themselves after battle.
  • Fixed bug that made despawned player unit mess with the battle result.
  • Fixed death counter to not mess with battle targeting.
  • Fixed tower at edge of Outpost being 'walkable'.
15 Jun
  • New maps!
  • A new city!
  • New quests from level 7 to 9!
  • Item quality (uncommon, rare, etc)!
  • New alpha tasks!
  • Dead units in battle now despawn after 3 turns.
  • Gear can now grant Dodge, Aggro and Crit Chance.
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20 May
  • Adding name to portals.
  • Weapon damage progression now makes more sense.
  • Monsters HP is now bigger as a consequence.
  • Stunned units will no longer naturally dodge.
  • Fixing a (visual) bug that prevented units from changing height in battle.
  • Fixing a bug that would break WASD movement after resting at the inn.
  • Now equipping a two-handed item will unequip offhands as expected.
14 May
  • Tier 2 gear, way better!
  • New gear type: Offhand!
  • New gear type: Accessory!!
  • New card type: Meta Cards!
  • New alpha tasks!
  • You can use the mouse to move and interact on the map.
  • We added more side filters to the inventory panel.
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02 May
  • Summon skills will now show warnings when they can't be used.
  • Fixing wrong values on some cards.
  • Fixing but that was preventing players from buying cosmetics.
  • Fixing hit chance back to 100% on defensive skills.
28 Apr
  • New alpha tasks!
  • Fixing the mouse scroll speed on vertical lists.
  • Changing how to interact message appears so mouse movement triggers it as well.
  • Fixing elemental values in battle cards not updating correctly.
26 Apr
  • Units and skills now have elements!
  • The units panel was improved to show those elements.
  • The monsters' tooltip now show their elements.
  • Innkeeper Rose opened up some rooms for you to rest!
  • Units will now regen HP/AP/MP outside of combat!
  • Monsters will now despawn from the map while someone is fighting them.
  • You can now refund your alpha coins.
  • Added some drops for Bandits.
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14 Apr
  • Fixing a bug that was preventing monster's data to be displaying when hovering over them.
  • Fixing a bug that would make NPC names stay on the screen even when the NPCs were removed.
  • Fixing some invisible obstacles on the Port map.
  • Fixing a bug that would make bought gear not show on up the inventory.
12 Apr
  • Disabling UI shortcuts when the user is trying to change its password.
  • Adjusting some card translations.
  • Changing friendly-fire confirmation so it won't open if the friend is dead.
  • Potions should now work outside of battle as expected.
  • Potions should now appear stacked as expected.
  • Units should now start battles with the correct HP/AP/MP.
  • Fixing a bug that would (visually) remove more items that expected when selling something.
11 Apr
  • New maps!
  • New quests from level 4 to 6!
  • New food item available!
  • New alpha tasks!
  • Elite monsters (stronger and tougher).
  • Items that start quests.
  • Info about monsters when you hover over them.
  • Bought items now show up on the chat.
  • Deck buttons inside battle (available, used, voided).
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20 Mar
  • Potions can now be equipped and used in battle!
  • Monster's names can now be displayed on the map.
  • NPC's names can now be displayed on the map.
  • Player's own name can now be displayed on the map.
  • New hair option: hairless!
  • Skeletons and scorpions now drop items.
  • Armor cards now generate a lot more [Aggro].
  • Buffs and dot/hot effects now generate less [Aggro].
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08 Mar
  • Linux version!
  • Temporary buffs added (food and drinks)!
  • Key 'ESC' can now be used to close the battle result.
  • Summoned units will no longer affect the experience formula.
  • Improving the logic for the confirmation when using cards.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent card's range to appear in some battles.
  • Fixed a bug that would make unit's CT be displayed wrong.
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28 Feb
  • Spears now hit both targets.
  • Confirmation when using a card without targets.
  • Confirmation when using an attack on allies.
  • You can now use WASD to set the facing direction at the turn's end.
  • Key 'E' can now be used to continue NPC's dialogs.
  • Adding some padding to NPC's conversation to avoid picking options by accident.
  • Camera will now pan to the target's unit when using a card.
  • Unit list now updates when units change gear.
  • Fixed a bug that would make potions heal by 100% (visually)
  • Fixed a bug that made 'Defensive Strike' not stack with armor cards.
  • Fixed a bug that made armor still be counted (visually) even when removed.
26 Feb
  • Head gear items!
  • The task 'Combat: Armor' is easier now.
  • Character's art should not overlap important battle elements anymore.
  • Fixed a problem that would mess with summoned units animations.
  • Fixed a bug that would 'freeze' the game if the player let the placement time run out without picking any unit.
  • Improving mouse behavior in battle when hovering cells.
  • Units panel should now be displaying experience bars as expected.
  • Units panel should be updating hp/mp/ap values after battles.
24 Feb
  • Chest items now grant stats!
  • Fixing bug that would make units 'die' without reason.
23 Feb
  • Improving/fixing some translations.
  • Fixing Rose's store not opening.
  • Fixing inventory not updating when buying items.
  • Fixing bug that would allow players to pass through trees/stones.
  • Preventing units from being 'stuck' on damage position when starting their turns.
  • Running from an NPC battle will not count as victory anymore.
16 Feb
  • Improving maps layout to avoid 'hidden' tiles.
  • Improving/fixing some translations.
  • Increasing amount of Lily Flowers on the Plains.
  • Improving battle result display on ultra-wide screens.
  • Removing EXP reduction when battling low level monsters.
  • Improving collision on some Port houses.
  • Monsters should no longer move to occupied tiles in battle.
  • Dead units should no longer have turns in battle.
  • Living units should no longer appear as dead (and vice versa) in battle.
  • 'X' tiles should no longer be visible on battles.
13 Feb
  • New maps and npcs!
  • Fixing problem with water tiles.
  • Improving monster movement on maps.
  • Adding 'borders' on tiles with height diference.
  • Level 1 quests!
  • Level 2 quests!
  • Level 3 quests!
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28 Jan
  • Beach outfits!
  • Screen for changing password
  • Core for Dialog Options and Quests
  • Stunned units will now lose all CT on their turns.
  • Fixed problem where monsters would pass all turns without doing anything
  • Usernames should now be removed when players leave the map.
  • Fixed situation where sometimes the mouse would go invisible until the end of the turn.
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04 Jan
  • Ensuring 10-cards deck
  • Reduzing positioning impact
  • Improving username display
  • Implementing battle playback
  • Adjusting mouse position vs zoom
  • Fixing gear bug with material drops
  • Fixing battle result not translated
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24 Dec
  • New class skills
  • Cosmetic shop
  • Text description for card effects
  • Unit limit in battle
  • Rebalancing skills
  • Rebalancing monsters
  • New drops for seagulls and ents
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19 Nov
  • Aggro mechanic
  • Critical attacks
  • New Settings Panel
  • UI settings
  • Control settings
  • Battle zoom
  • UI responsiveness
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05 Nov
  • New map: Azula's Port
  • Monster drops
  • Merchant NPCs
  • Turn facing
  • Gear for the chest slot
  • Armor, Dodge and Resist attributes
  • Alpha Tasks/Tokens
16 Oct
  • Inventary panel
  • Resource: Gold coins
  • Turn facing
  • Persistent HP/AP/MP
  • Consumable items: Potions
  • New map: Swamp
  • New monster: Ent
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24 Aug
  • Unit's panel
  • Swapping gear in and out
  • Deck management
  • New monster: Seagull
  • Fixed some colliders (those pink tiles) appearing in battle after casting skills
  • Fixed strings being "stuck" on the turn's selected card
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09 Aug
  • Player vs player battle
  • Client fully localized (except server messages)
  • Lowering the time before the experience bars actually fill on the victory screen
  • Fixed a misplaced tile (too high) on the beach map
  • The defeat screen should now correctly wait for the last action to be executed
  • The defeat screen should now show your units instead of the winner's units
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25 Jul
  • Game launcher
  • Reducing project's build size
  • Button to add messages into the battlelog
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15 Jul
  • Map revamp: Beach
  • Monsters now wander around the map
  • First discard of each turn will not cost any CT
  • Improving water tiles/borders
  • Units now lose all status effects when they die
  • Updating cards to use range icon variations
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11 Jul
  • Battles will now reward experience points
  • All the units are now available on the account
  • Level up and to improve your attributes
  • Displaying floating hp bar when units take damage in battle
  • Changing skills to make them use the new attributes
  • Displaying unit's attributes in the battle selection panel
  • Displaying de/buffs in battle
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13 Jun
  • Units can now discard cards in battle
  • Passing phase should now hide all UI elements
  • Players should now NOT be able to input really long strings or emotes
  • Each unit should now have at least one skill spell fully implemented
  • Battles will now generate a battle log that can be (re)viewed on our website
  • The "in-water" shader is now being applied to attack animations too
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24 May
  • Battle core is now implemented
  • Move to a monster on the map to start a battle
  • Use your movement and attack cards to finish them off!
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09 May
  • Create a game account with our character builder
  • Walk around the map using WASD keys
  • Right click players to invite they for a group
  • Leave a group right-clicking yourself on the party list
  • Kick a member right-clicking they on the party list
  • Talk on the chat (map, global or party)
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