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New Movement Script

09/25/2020 3:08 PM 53 4
I rewrote my movement script so I can now pump 'infinite' layers for different heights on the map - and the character controller will figure out by itself if it's possible to move from one tile to another, based on the height difference - right now it's configured with a 'jump 1' value in mind.
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04/11/2020 5:15 PM 124 6
We just passed this milestone (now we double it!) on our facebook page, and to celebrate we're releasing a still of the "class introduction" trailer/video (which is almost done) that we're making. For those with a good memory, the trailer's style is also works as a homage to the classic Final Fantasy Tactics!
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Up, up and away!

03/21/2020 6:05 PM 72 6
This is kinda minor visual-wise but I finally managed to make the ramps and "vertical" movement to work on our Unity version. There are amazing tutorials out there about this but it took me a while to actually figure out and implement. Hooray!
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Owl's Village

02/27/2020 8:04 PM 64 0
These past days the theme of #pixel_dailies (at twitter) was #owl. We ended up missing the chance to post at the right time, but SURPRISE, we're posting it anyway! We have a whole place called "Owl's Village" after all, so of course we have owls to show! <3
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IU: Units

02/08/2020 9:30 PM 90 6
Here's a small video to show you the progress we're making on the unity's version of FioTactics (which is the 'real' version). In this one you can see a units' panel, the unit detail's panel, and a bit of the world exploration :)
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Pois é, parece que temos um logo de verdade agora! <3

01/29/2020 3:46 PM 183 16
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Owl's Village House!

01/18/2020 10:31 PM 81 4
We finally started to create city props! The first one being worked on is the Owl's Village, and this is one of the common houses that can be found there!