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12/30/2021 2:17 PM 34 4
New skill! Paladin of Olea's [Purify] is a skill that heals the target while cleansing some of its debuffs. If the target is indeed debuffed, it even heals a bit more!
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What day is today? IT'S PATCH DAY! (0.13)

12/24/2021 2:48 PM 42 4
What? Xmas eve too? well I guess!
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Charged Shot

12/21/2021 4:12 PM 26 1
Another new skill, another new mechanic! Archer's [Charged Shot] is a long-ranged, high-damage skill that requires you to not move on the turn you're using it. Can SERIOUSLY hurt enemies, you just have to compromise :)
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12/17/2021 2:37 PM 30 3
Pyromancer's new [Combustion] spell! This is a AoE spell with a interesting gimmick: if the target is burning (by the pyro's other skill: Fireball), it will consume the burning effect to guarantee a critical hit!
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Defensive Strike

12/10/2021 2:45 PM 17 2
Another new skill ready! Here you can see the Guardian's [Defensive Strike] spell. It increases his armor while also attacking a target! Since his other skill (Shield Slam) scales with armor, this can be a nice combo!
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Divine Touch

12/08/2021 2:41 PM 19 0
Another new skill ready! Here you can see the Cleric's [Divine Touch] spell. It deals direct damage when casted on enemies... or it heals quite an amount when casted on allies instead!
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12/07/2021 2:11 PM 50 2
Last week we started working on a second skill for every class. Most of them are already working! Here you can see the Amazon's [Thrust] skill. It deals direct damage and pushes the target back one tile (or two tiles on crit)!