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Group Battles

05/10/2021 2:11 PM 6 1
The gif is kinda small to see what's really going on, but party battles are slowing getting done. Here you can see party members being invited to join the battle a member started, and also unit placement synced!
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Shaders, how do they work?

04/28/2021 1:48 PM 52 2
I never TOUCHED shaders before trying this, but after an enormous amount of hours I managed to create a shader to hide the lower part of sprites underwater, while also adding a cute border/foam to them. May look simple, but i'm PROUD AF!
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Character Creation

04/22/2021 4:21 PM 24 3
Still need to work on skin colors and a second outfit, but I'm pretty happy with how the creator worked with all those different hairs <3
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Help us: New Monsters

12/01/2020 2:26 PM 42 18
Hi everyone, I'm thinking of adding new monsters to this 'beach' biome. Anyone got suggestions? Comment here! Feel free to add pictures of your ideas as well. I'll try to get the best/most common suggestions and make a pool of them after so we can decide :)
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Encounters (2)

11/20/2020 2:50 PM 31 0
Improving the encounter's "map generator". Now it'll correctly display sub-tiles, props and overlays! They're also larger now - and will grow even bigger for real battles :)
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11/18/2020 2:07 PM 80 3
Working on battle encounters. The idea is that when you move too close to an enemy, a battle will start using the area around that specific tile as the battleground. It's not done yet, but it'll getting there!
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Synced Movement

09/30/2020 3:58 PM 31 1
Still working on movement itself, I implemented some basic form of sync movement between players. When you move your character on the open world, the client sends your 'route' to the server, which in turns forwards it to all other players - and their client plays it as such.