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Alpha 0.6

07/27/2021 2:31 PM 0 0
We have a launcher now! Fixed some bugs on the server (don't forget, splice needs 2 parameters!) and added a way for players to report battle bugs inside the battle itself. Now I can finally work on pvp!
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Alpha 0.5

07/15/2021 2:37 PM 43 3
New alpha build available at our discord! Mostly bug fixes and some improvements. With that out of the way, currently working on PVP FIGHTS! Stay tuned!
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Level up!

07/13/2021 2:16 PM 56 5
New alpha build available at our discord to anyone interested in testing/helping up! Lot of fixed bugs, all units available, revamped attributes and battles rewarding exp for that sweet sweet level up!
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Beach Sand

07/11/2021 2:28 PM 61 6
After some feedback, I tweaked the beach tile color to looks more like beach sand. Too many people pointed out it was looking too much like a desert. What do you think of it now?
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To the beach!

06/07/2021 3:43 PM 30 4
Trying some new props/assets for the beach biome. Got stones, sea oats, palms and coconuts! What do you think of them? My level design skills are still improving so please excuse the mess, lol.
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Development Update

05/17/2021 4:53 PM 38 2
Lot of progress over the last week. The battle's basic flow is almost done: placement phase, card selection, card range, spell execution... and now finally some eye candy animations. Not done yet, but getting there!
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Discord & Alpha

05/12/2021 5:53 PM 20 1
Did you know we have a discord server? It's not very busy (which is good) but I post a lot of little things all the time about the development, ask questions and get your opinion about a lot of aspects of the game (note: it's mostly a portuguese server but we have a english channel if you want to ask stuff!).