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Music: Thorn's Den Battle Theme

10/15/2019 3:01 PM 64 4
Here's a teaser for the Thorn's Den battle theme, which is the first dungeon available on our alpha/demo! You can check the whole track at our Patreon. Link in the comments!
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Good news, everyone!

10/09/2019 4:04 PM 52 4
I'm back from my trip (sorry for my absence!), and I fixed the bug that was keeping restarting the server all the time. If you tried to play these last days and couldn't, you may try again now. I'm still working on the dungeon's issues but the game itself should be playable :)
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Patch 0.1.3

09/27/2019 2:56 PM 29 0
I improved how the movement happens in the client and added periodic resets on the server (to prevent stuff from getting stuck)!
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Our Team!

09/20/2019 3:18 PM 94 4
Do you know who are the minds behind this fantastic project? Guess no more, because now we finally have a staff page on our website! Take a look!
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Icon revamped: amazon's Counter Attack!

09/19/2019 2:22 PM 66 4
This is a reaction skill! When attacked inside its weapon range, the amazon can hit back!
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Patch 0.1.2

09/17/2019 3:33 PM 31 4
Did some changes that may (or may not) have fixed some of the most critical bugs so far! If you played a bit those past days, it's a nice time to play a little more and help me test those changes <3