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Icon revamped: guardian's Shield Bash!

09/13/2019 3:14 PM 92 6
This skill deals damage that scales with max HP, while also stunning the target for a turn!
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Patch 0.1.0

09/08/2019 3:04 PM 49 3
Thorn's Den RELEASED! Changing in the casting system! Defense attributes REMOVED (kinda!), adjustments on some skills, AP potions, new skills icons!
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Icon: Counterattack

09/04/2019 6:28 PM 186 24
Yo people, I need your opinion. Which one of these poses do you think best represents Amazon's counterattack skill? This is a sketch, so don't pay attention to colors or traces, just in the pose ok? Now vote!
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Patch 0.0.2

09/04/2019 2:44 PM 58 5
Fixed some VERY weird bugs like getting stuck with a 1-magical-damage basic attack or magically having a (non-usable) basic attack card in your hand. Oof!
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Patch 0.0.1

09/03/2019 2:31 PM 66 11
Some important bugs fixed and an adjustment on the monsters growth rate. The beginning should remain easy, but it should get challenging as the levels go ;)
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Alpha Tutorial: Getting Started

08/31/2019 10:07 PM 140 28
Took a long time but it's out! I made a little video explaining how the interface and battle works, to give a foundation for those who are starting now.