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New skill icon: Werewolf's Animal Dexterity!

08/21/2019 3:26 PM 145 22
This skill increases the unit's speed and hit chance. On the alpha, this is a quest-enemy, but it looks so cool! Gotta find a way to add some more!
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08/19/2019 5:27 PM 31 7
We just posted another devlog on Patreon! In this one you will find some details about the songs/sfxs, and about casted skills (and how to interrupt them)!
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Music and sound effects!

08/17/2019 2:54 PM 195 39
This bit probably won't be on alpha (or will it?) but I wanted to gather your opinion on this. What do you think of this battle song? And the sound effects (the few ones that appear on the video), do they match our style (and the music)? Is the volume of effects good in relation to music? Or is it too loud?
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08/13/2019 6:18 PM 41 0
We just posted a devlog on Patreon! This time: AI Testing and Stress Performance - 50 battles at the same time!
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08/10/2019 2:38 PM 324 66
Estamos quase prontos pra lançar o alpha/demo! Ele vai estar aberto pra todo mundo! O demo tem a base da batalha, progressão de personagens (levels, habilidades, equipamentos), rede (PVP, grupos, dungeons) e missões tudo funcionando!
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Novo avatar da Arqueira!

08/07/2019 2:55 PM 96 0
Comemorando os 450 likes no twitter! (arte by Marcos Freire Art). Como era a última arte, dessa vez não teve votação xD