Classes / Cleric of Gariot


With medicine getting more and more advanced, potions and elixirs became something very common around the kingdoms. They exist in quite a lot formats with promises of wonder, but there are wounds that medicine can't cure. The doctors know that, although they won't admit in public. When all potions fail, a higher power is needed. Gariot, god of Life, blessed his clerics with this power.

Although there are shrines to worship Gariot, built by the common people, there are no monasteries. The clerics are wanderers. Always looking for people in need, bringing their light to all corner of the kingdoms. There are also no training or school. Almost all clerics will tell you the same history: in a moment of despair facing a loved one - a son, a mother, a wife - about to die, he prayed to the gods. All of them. And when the other's life was almost vanishing, the power flowed through the cleric's hand, saving the loved one from death. Gariot was there, and the cleric knew there was now a debt to pay.

Clerics of Gariot can transmit a bit of that power to flow through the wounded's body so they can regenerate over time, and they can also concentrate their power in the palm of their hands, healing big wounds just with their touch. Over time, they can learn to connect even more with Gariot, increasing all their healing effects.


Divine Touch (Active)
Recovers the target's HP.
Regen (Active)
Recovers the target's HP over time.
Healing Hands (Passive)
Increases the unit's healing power.