Make your Donation

Feel free to donate whatever amount you want/can. Any help is welcome and will be well spent!



You don't need to donate everything at once to get your achievements. The donations stacks, the rewards too! Everytime you donate something, just come back to this page and the system will calculate your total and give you the rewards.

You can donate without logging in, but you won't get credit/achievements for it.
Copper Coin Donate at least $ 5. Beta access and your name on our co-founders list.
Silver Coin Donate at least $ 20. One skin of any class you want.
Gold Coin Donate at least $ 35. One of the 3 exclusive skins for those backers.
Sack of Goods Donate at least $ 70. We will add a named version of a class with your suggestion.
Lockbox Donate at least $ 100. We will add/adjust a NPC with your name/nick.
Treasure Chest Donate at least $ 200. You'll get to create a quest with our team.